Quality and freshness -- at the heart of your life


Groupe Blachère, over 30 years of expertise in fresh produce! 

Founded in 1985 by Bernard Blachère and based in the heart of Provence, the Blachère company is the fruit of a family passion, with a shared taste for know-how, trade and a passion for quality products.


  • A product culture of excellence and anthenticity.
  • A passion for trade.
  • Constant sensitivity to customer expectations.
  • The best quality/price balance.
  • Proximity and short circuits.


“We want to offer our customers the right product at the right price.”
Bernard Blachère

Quality, choice --and professional service


Provenc’Halles is the historic brand of the Blachère Group, which for the past 30 years has been promoting the trade of fruit and vegetable retailer on a daily basis.

A varied range of products and friendly, professional service are the ingredients that make Provenc’Halles stores true places of exchange and proximity, with a traditional market spirit.

The brand’s advantages ?

  • Market spirit.
  • Guaranteed quality and freshness.
  • A varied offer.
  • A short distribution circuit via our central purchasing office.
  • Competitive prices.

Freshness, quality, conviviality & expertise – these are the 4 words that best sum up Provenc’Halles !

Marie Blachère, the best product at the right price !


In 2004, Bernard Blachère and his daughter Marie decided to open a bakery in Salon de Provence, with a different concept from all the others: a market-style presentation of products.

The concept proved so popular that you can now find us in Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United States !

It’s with a passion for their trade and authentic know-how that the Marie Blachère bakeries continue to radiate these values today, through a concept that has been winning over new customers every day since its beginnings in 2004.

The brand’s advantages ?

  • Artisanal production, kneading and baking on site.
  • Guaranteed freshness.
  • A unique market experience.
  • The creation of permanent offers: exceptional offers 30 minutes before closing time, 3+1 free, etc.

Marie Blachère is… An identity, a brand & a true story of passion:

Passionate, Enthusiastic and Commercial !

The essentials of fruit & vegetables--at the best price


In 2019, the Group completes its offer with the opening of the first Mangeons Frais !

Mangeons Frais is…

The essential fruits & vegetables at the best price !

The concept ?

  • Wholesale prices all year round.
  • Fresh, high-quality produce.
  • Our stores are delivered every day.

As you can see, the right price is here !

Quality, freshness, price:--our core values


Café Marie Blachère ? The French coffee shop !

Le Café Marie Blachère is a warm and friendly local café.
A place where you can enjoy a gourmet break at any time of day !

Say yes to all your cravings !

The brand’s advantages ?

  • Quality gourmet products.
  • Fast-food bakery.
  • Self-service on certain products.
  • Affordable prices.
  • One brand, one identity.